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The sound of no hands clapping

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

In April 2011, despite protests,  a magnificent bur oak met its death in Champlain Park neighbourhood (on Northwestern Ave.) so that a developer and the City of Ottawa could stay out of court. The City’s legal team caved in to a developer’s threat that he would take legal action to challenge implementation of the Urban Tree Conservation By-law.

empty lot

With a permit in hand, the developer cut the tree. He then sold the property, which has since been home to an empty house and a barren backyard, with no distinctive tree to shade the bungalow to the north.

Almost four years to the day after a distinctive bur oak was destroyed, the house on the same property was demolished (see photo above). A new sign tells what’s to come on the denuded lot.

It will be something like this half of a black box (see below), a building so large it is impossible to fit it into one picture without a panorama lens. Some of us have called Mayday! but who is listening to the sorry tale of monstrously large buildings edging out the mature, healthy trees of Kitchissippi Ward? 

black box

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