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The numbers say it all!

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

The event on Dec. 21 to unveil indoor and outdoor installations at Champlain Park attracted at least 75 people, and 6 descendants of the original Cowley family. {Learn about the links between Cowley Ave and the Cowley family here, and here, and here, too, with many thanks to Christine Jackson of Cowley Avenue.)

Organizers were thrilled that so many people attended the event despite streets not yet plowed.  The buzz in the room, the hot chocolate, and the feeling of having accomplished something as a community was palpable. We gathered to admire the installations, chat with neighbours, exchange views on topics related to trees and the urban forest, and to marvel at the rich social history that flourishes here on the shores of the Ottawa River.

Thank you to Councillor Katherine Hobbs and staffer, Andrew Hickey, for helping to organize the event, for supporting design and construction of the installations, and for attending the event. It was great to see Yasir Naqvi, M.P.P. and Minister of Labour, too.

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