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Mapping the Heritage Forest

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

The Google map on this page of the blog shows the location of 24 Champlain Oaks, the oldest trees remaining from the original oak forest in our neighbourhod. Now that these are on the map, a wider mapping project is being launched, with support from the Champlain Park Community Association’s Environment Committee, to further celebrate the Champlain Oaks. This will involve creating an on-line map of all the distinctive trees in our neighbourhood. For the City of Ottawa and its Urban Tree Conservation By-Law, a “distinctive tree” is defined as any tree 50 cm in diameter or greater. Photos and stories of what the trees mean to residents will also be included. You can get involved by offering to be one of the neighbourhood canvassers helping to identify and “map” these trees (See contact information, above).

The mapping process will also contribute to further dialogue about the natural heritage value of ths forest. The Ontario Heritage Act R.S.O. 1990 (Part IV Section 29) allows for the designation and registration of heritage trees or landscape features [in our case a group of trees, or forest] by municipal bylaw using the criteria of Ontario Regulation 9/06. Our intention is to engage with the Municipal Heritage Committee in Ottawa regarding the significant heritage value of the Champlain Oaks. --Daniel Buckles

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