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Join the guided walk on June 26

Updated: Apr 22, 2020


Here’s a message that originated from Heather Pearl, co-chair of the Champlain Park Community Association.

You’re invited! The Ottawa Forests and Greenspace Advisory Committee (OFGAC) has asked Champlain Park to host OFGAC’s first guided walk this year.

Our big trees are pretty special. During the walk we’ll be discussing their history, their social value, and their contribution to the environment. You might already know that trees clean the air, provide beauty and grace to the neighbourhood, and reduce energy consumption by shading homes in the summer.

Did you know that Champlain Park has a diversity of native trees in our neighbourhood? The bur oaks are the biggest and you’ll get a chance to admire and bask in the presence of the two largest bur oaks up close during the walking tour.

Date: Sunday, June 26

Time: 10 a.m. to noon

Gather at the north end of Champlain Park at Pontiac Street to begin the tour.

Local politicians and others from outside Champlain Park are invited to the event. Feel free to invite your friends, too!

For your information:

The Ottawa Forests and Greenspace Advisory Committee (OFGAC) was established in 2001 to advise Ottawa City Council and provide a forum for citizens on issues related to forests and greenspace. The committee has 15 members, appointed by Council, from all areas of the City of Ottawa.

OFGAC advises the City of Ottawa on:

  1. Municipal policies relating to trees, forests and wetlands;

  2. Protection, management, acquisition and conservation of greenspace;

  3. Management of community forests;

  4. Public-private initiatives to protect greenspace; and

  5. Rural reforestation.

--Heather Pearl

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