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It’s TREE month in Ottawa

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

As deciduous trees show off their colourful leaves and squirrels dash here and there, stashing acorns for the winter, please take time to appreciate what Tree Fest Ottawa has to offer each week at Brewer Park in Old Ottawa South. This month-long festival is a unique feature of life in the city.

Tree Fest Ottawa will open its second year of building community awareness about the value of trees on Sept. 10. A backgrounder on this Kitchissippi-born example of art-ivism appeared recently in News West. [link to article no longer available]

You may be wondering: What is art-ivism? It involves mixing art with activism, something Tree Fest’s organizers do by using public spaces to display large photographs of people and trees. Each picture tells a story, and that’s the other way art informs activism. The stories describe how people with differing perspectives are working toward one goal: to protect, promote, celebrate and connect with each other about trees.

Perhaps the most inspiring aspect of Tree Fest Ottawa’s 2016 schedule is the diversity in programming. There appears to be something for everyone. Each Wednesday will give school groups a chance to visit the site at Brewer Park. Each Saturday during the month features a different theme, such as Family Day, Health Day, and Day of Action.

bur oak

The Champlain Oaks was featured in last year’s photo exhibit and with a story on Tree Fest Ottawa’s website. But our story is just one among many. Starting on Sept. 10, discover the stories that Tree Fest is crafting.

–Photo of bur oak in fall by Chris Osler of Ottawa Tree Fest. Used with permission.

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