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Heritage bur oak bursts its britches

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

The plaque affixed to a heritage bur oak at 218 Keyworth Ave. has been torn from its moorings by the vigorous growth of a heritage bur oak tree.

“The plaque has been pushed out of its screw and the tree has also grown around a metal bird feeder hook,” said Gillian Peters, who lives on the property with a 180-year-old bur oak tree. This tree, along with 6 others, had a heritage plaque affixed to its trunk in the fall of 2017.

plaque broken

The impacts of vigorous growth!

In only 2.5 years, the bur oak has grown enough to break the link between a metal screw and plastic plaque. “I’m guessing it’s a healthy and happy tree,” said Gillian.

hook embedded

Hook that anchors bird feeder is now embedded in bur oak’s trunk.

Much of the natural world is healthy and happy these days, don’t you think? Millions of cars are parked, rather than idling in traffic. With scads of airplanes and thousands of cruise ships at a standstill (removing significant sources of carbon dioxide from the air), nature’s creatures can breathe a sigh of relief. Trees in our neighbourhood will soon be in full leaf, providing us and wildlife so many freely offered benefits. I for one, continue to say Thank You to each of them. -- Debra Huron

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