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Gnarly, cantankerous giants

Updated: Apr 22, 2020


The Champlain Oaks are not polite trees. They’re not cute like baby seals, or gentle like pandas.

Each one has a mind of its own – and is very, very set in its quirky ways. All of which is probably appropriate for these the most senior citizens of our ‘hood.

  1. Their branches kink and curl in all directions.

  2. Their acorns are furry weirdos of the forest – like chestnuts that decided to dress like pimps.

  3. The wood is spongy and odd.

  4. The bark is jagged and cryptic.

  5. They push things aside as they grow.

So don’t love these things because they’re tame. Love them for the opposite. They’re a stark reminder of how wild this place once was.

--Dennis Van Staalduinen

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