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Farewell, Mr. Steve Kot

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

Mr. Steve Kot  of Cowley Ave. passed away on March 29 at age 93.

With his death, Champlain Park has lost a longtime resident who was a friend to many and a husband, father and grandfather well loved by a large family. His warm smile greeted all who knocked at the door of the lovely home he and his widow, Kay Kot, lived in since 1957.

The Champlain Oaks project has a lost a stalwart supporter, shown here (on the left) measuring a giant bur oak in the Kot’s front yard with Daniel Buckles in April 2013. That oak tree is the second largest of the giant Champlain Oaks.

It is one of four oaks listed as a heritage tree by Forests Ontario in September 2017. It was the source of many acorns that Steve helped  to collect several years ago when the tree had a mast year. Those acorns germinated and are now saplings growing in yards throughout Champlain Park.

We thank Steve and Kay Kot for all their support, and for the love they have shown the big trees on their property. This lovely tribute in The Ottawa Citizen tells much about Steve's long life.

Deep condolences to the family.  --Debra Huron

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