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CFB Rockcliffe bur oak

Updated: Apr 22, 2020


This massive bur oak at the former CFB Rockcliffe base dates back well over 100 years, according to local naturalist Owen Clarkin (left). Iola Price (right) is one of various champions trying to ensure this and other distinctive trees on the property (owned by the federal government through the Canada Lands Company) are protected during the planned development (more than 5,000 units!).

The tree measures 4 metres, 25 cm in circumference, or 1.35 metres in diameter, making it bigger around than any of the bur oaks in Champlain Park (but not necessarily older, due to growing conditions). The tree is 66 feet (20 metres) tall (measured with a laser tool for the purpose). Other tree species to look out for that are often associated with the bur oak are Rock Elm and the Bitternut Hickory, both also present on the site. --Daniel Buckles

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