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Bur oak sapling planted at St. George School

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

As it moved from a plastic pot to the welcoming earth,  this year’s planting of a bur oak marks the third time that students at St. George have been involved in National Tree Day.

In all, 60 students from three classes had a chance to ask questions and see the mechanics of planting a sapling. Daniel Buckles, who invited participation from the assembly, was impressed by how interested students were in the tree and the work of planting it.

Why did this happen and where is the bur oak now living? The school invited The Champlain Oaks to plant the tree in an open space near the side entrance to the school. It’s part of a larger project to replace dying ash trees this year.

Grade 6 students who were part of the tree planting later walked to Champlain Park with their teachers and co-chair of the Champlain Park Community Association, Heather Pearl, to view the indoor and outdoor exhibits that outline the history and links among trees, a river, and people. Grade 1 students also strolled to the nearby park to see how last year’s sapling is faring. It is thriving. --Debra Huron

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