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And the winner is …

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

Steve Kot (left) and Daniel Buckles validate the circumference of a Champlain Oak on Cowley Avenue (3.56 metre circumference = 1.13 metre diametre).

Simply noticing, without judgment of any kind, is the first step. Breath going in, breath going out. Noticing the Champlain Oaks has been achieved in part by finding out where in “Your World” is the biggest tree? Children of all ages measured the circumference of a tree that is important to them, information pooled on the interactive map on this site, and shared during our Winter Fair.

Steve and Kay Kot of Cowley Avenue (photo above) were the second place winners (1.13 metres in diameter), with the third place finish tree at 157 Northwestern (1.06 metre diameter).

The biggest tree in “Our World”, however, is in the backyard of 211 Daniel Avenue — 1.16 metres across or 3.66 metres in girth. That giant appears in various photos on this blog.

Now that we have noticed the big oaks, can we build an even broader awareness of what it means to live with an Urban Forest? A community mapping initiative or census of the distinctive trees in our neighbourhood (50 cm in diameter, or of special significance due to species or location) may be the next act of simply noticing. --Daniel Buckles

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