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A morning of glory in the sun

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

National Tree Day dawned as beautiful as any day in September could ever be.

About 60 students from St. George’s elementary school gathered at Champlain Park, along with volunteers from the Champlain Oaks project and curious people from the neighbourhood.

Near the entrance to the fieldhouse, students  gathered to hear the story of the bur oaks and to admire some of the furry acorns that are so bountiful this year. Adult volunteers invited the children to toss bone meal and sheep manure into the hole in the earth where the bur oak sapling was to find its new home on this auspicious day.

Many of the Grade 2 students had helped to plant two bur oaks on the median along Northwestern Ave. last year. The morning would not have been complete without a visit to those trees and chance to “pet” their healthy leaves.

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