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A Carolinian Forest at Champlain Park

What is a Carolinian Forest?

Carolinian Forests in Canada are warmer climate deciduous forests found in Ontario south of a line running approximately from Grand Bend on Lake Huron to Toronto. The Carolinian forests have many interesting economic and endangered species, which grow in the plant hardiness zones 5b to 7.

Why start a Carolinian Forest in Champlain Park, Ottawa?

  1. Ottawa is in plant hardiness zone 5a, just above the historic Carolinian zone. However, Carolinian species will grow in our current plant hardiness (some are already well established in Champlain Park). With a warming climate, we expect that many of these Carolinian species will be better adapted and thrive in our warming climate, while some cooler climate adapted species decline.

  2. The Champlain Park Carolinian Forest provides a view of future forests in the area and allows people in Ottawa to see some of the Carolinian species growing in one place. They can be seen as “near native species”, and pose no threat to native tree species.

Representative species we planted are:

  • Canopy trees: Tulip tree, Kentucky Coffee tree, Sycamore, Bladdernut, Catalpa, Flowering Dogwood, Cherry Birch,, Black Gum, Cucumber Magnolia

  • Small trees: Hoptree, Pawpaw, Red Mulberry, Redbud.

  • Shrubs: Buttonbush, Fragrant Sumac. Kalm’s St John’s Wort, Rhodora, Rose Mallow, Steeplebush


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